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Welcome to Access Panels Inc.

Access Panels Inc. designs and manufactures metal access products for the plumbing, mechanical and HVAC trades. We offer an expanding line of standard and made-to-order access products.

We combine years of fabrication experience with cutting edge technology to develop products that are innovative, durable and affordable. Our ongoing objective is to develop products of the highest quality, integrity and function, and to use the most cost-effective manufacturing methods in order to offer affordable products that make it worthwhile to buy from local manufacturers.

We are always adding to our line of products. In fact, our constant innovation and product development is driven by the needs of our customers. Along with standard access products, we also offer full service custom manufacturing. Call us to discuss your custom metal manufacturing requirements.

A family owned and operated business, based in Ontario, Canada - We are proud to offer you Canadian made products.

"Our ongoing objective is to develop products of the highest quality, integrity and function, and to use the most cost-effective manufacturing methods to make affordable products - We make it worthwhile to buy from local manufacturers."